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As a forward-thinking company with your eyes set on growth, you’re likely assessing every factor that drives your revenue and bottom line. Every year, you’re brainstorming ways to improve in the coming year, and that should include your packaging design. Research is a must, but don’t lose sight of the power of qualitative research. Effective packaging leaves people with an emotional reaction. Whenever consumers choose to purchase, their decisions often stem from a feeling or emotional response – the appeal that product packaging has to their preferences. This is why qualitative research into your target market is an important consideration.

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All the advertising dollars in the world won't help a bad product, and you need to be confident that your product delivers on its brand promise. You know what that is -- it's what you tell your customers your product is going to do for them. Does it deliver on the brand promise consistently? Maybe you aren't getting as many customers as you'd like. However, the real tell-tale sign of a good product is if your customers are willing to refer you to their friends or colleagues. Focusing on product, process and people will empower you to create value where there was none before, instill processes that will grow your company and nurture relationships across the board to show that you truly care.



The way you design your packaging is just as important as the product itself. Four reasons why your packaging design is critical to your product’s success. These reasons include:

Consumer Attraction: How your packaging entices your potential customer and can help convert them into a sale. You want your packaging to make people stop and notice.

Branding: The right colors, logos and design trademarks on your packaging gives you a brand identity. So, this makes you recognizable and familiar to your audience.

Information: Utilize your packaging so that it communicates all the relevant information about your product. Make it so the consumer can find out everything they need to know before they buy the product.

Utility: Brilliantly designed packaging has a functionality of its own. From better shipping to collectible storage, great packaging adds practical value to the product.

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Leading brands understand the importance of packaging not only in keeping their goods safe, fresh, and protected, but also as an essential part of their branding and marketing efforts. Your packaging is the signature you leave everywhere, and it has the ability to attract today’s customers much better than outdated sales and advertising tactics. Marketers are familiar with the term “marketing mix”. Though the term was developed back in the mid-20th century, its concepts are still relevant and widely used by companies today. This tool includes four key elements: price, product, promotion, and place. Now, packaging has become an integral part of this mix, as the industry is seeing a dramatic shift toward flexible retail packaging and the power it has to build brands and attract loyal customers.


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